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Our Guide to Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

December 29, 2023 9:00 am
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Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth, offering a look and feel that’s very close to natural teeth. However, at Megan Jones, DDS we understand that getting dental implants is just the beginning. With the right care, they can be a lifelong enhancement to your smile. Let’s walk through some friendly advice for dental implant care.

    1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

    Just like natural teeth, dental implants require regular brushing and flossing. They’re immune to cavities but not to gum disease. Gently brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush around your implants twice daily and using string floss or water flossers can help maintain healthy gums.

    2. Mindful Eating

    While dental implants are strong, treating them with care can prolong their life. It’s wise to avoid hard and sticky foods that could potentially damage your implants. And remember, your teeth are jewels, not tools — so avoid using them to open packages or crack nuts.

    3. Regular Dental Check-Ups Are a Must

    Keeping up with regular check-ups at Megan Jones, DDS plays a crucial role in the longevity of your implants. These visits are a great opportunity for us to make sure everything is on track and to address any small concerns before they become bigger issues. Professional cleanings also play a part in keeping your gums disease-free.

    4. Consider a Smoke-Free Lifestyle

    Smoking can slow down healing post-surgery and may affect the long-term success of your dental implants. Cutting back or quitting can have a significant positive impact on your oral and overall health.

    5. Manage Teeth Grinding

    If you tend to grind your teeth, this can exert unnecessary pressure on your implants. Fortunately, we can help by creating a custom nightguard to protect your implants and ensure the longevity of your smile.

Comprehensive Dentistry in Shoreline, WA

By incorporating these tips and maintaining regular visits with our team, you’re protecting your investment, ensuring your dental implants serve you well for years to come. If you’re ready for a check-up or want to learn more about dental implant care, reach out to us at Megan Jones, DDS. Your smile is our passion, and we’re here to keep it shining bright!

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