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When Would I Need a Dental Filling?

April 30, 2022 3:40 am
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A tooth-colored dental filling can repair a small chip, fortify a weakened area of a tooth, or fix a cavity, which is a hole in a tooth caused by decay. Fillings are usually made of tooth-colored composite resin to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

The process to get a filling usually takes less than an hour. Depending on the location of where the filling will be on your tooth, you may or may not need desensitization. We don’t want the procedure to cause you pain so will offer numbing medication if the procedure may cause you discomfort.

When a Dental Filling May Be Needed

  • Toothache – Tooth pain, especially when biting down, can indicate a cavity or tooth infection. You may need root canal therapy to remove the compromised inner pulp of your tooth and replace it with a special dental material. This procedure preserves your natural tooth. After, your tooth will either need to be reinforced with a simple filling or a dental crown.
  • Sudden tooth sensitivity – If your tooth feels sensitive when consuming very hot and/or cold foods and beverages, you could have receding gums or an area of very thin enamel. A filling may be able to fortify your tooth.
  • Rough feeling on the surface of the tooth – A filling may be used to fill in weakened areas of a tooth that feel rough and sharp to your tongue.
  • Small chip in your tooth – The normal shape of a chipped tooth can be restored with a filling.

  • Affordable Dental Fillings in Shoreline, WA

    The only way to know for certain if you would benefit from a filling is by having a professional dental examination. Megan Jones, DDS, can evaluate your teeth and recommend the right treatment plan that suits your goals and budget. We utilize advanced dental technology and practice green dentistry to help protect our patients’ health without taxing our environment.

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